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How a Wiki Works

Wikis are wonderful organizing and collaborative tools. They are web-based "pages" with the ability for multiple users to:
  • edit the pages (without having to know any coding)
  • discuss what is on the pages (see the Discussion tab on each page)
  • archive the history of page changes (see History tab)
  • receive notifications of page changes (see Notify Me tab).

The following video from Common Craft provides a brief overview of the how a wiki works and why you might want to use one:

Contributing to the Lovett School Resource Network

Each faculty member at The Lovett School is encouraged to setup a wiki account and join Resource Network wiki. Once approved you will be able to edit pages on the wiki, including signing up for workshops and sharing resources and examples with our community.

Step 1. Set up an account: Please go to http://wikispaces.com and register for an account. You should consider using your login for First Class. (First initial, last name) This will help us identify you when you contribute to our wiki.
Step 2. Return to the Resource Network and Login: You will find the login link in the upper right hand corner of every wiki on Wikispaces.
Step 3. Join the Resource Network wiki: Click on Join this Wiki in the top corner of the left hand navigation bar. A request will be sent to an organizer to approve you.
Step 4. Once you've been approved, every time you login you will be able to edit pages. Don't worry about trying and failing--all pages can easily be reverted to any of the previous "saves" of that page. Note: You will be unable to edit if you are not logged in. To confirm you are logged in, look for your username in the upper right hand corner--if it reads "guest" then you are not logged in.

Final note: These are public pages which means that anyone can visit this network and view these pages. However, only members of the space can edit pages.

Questions? Contact Laura Deisley.