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Personal Learning Networks

Developing one's personal learning network is greatly facilitated by the access and participatory nature of the Read/Write Web ("Web 2.0"). The following educators blog regularly about the shifting nature of education and the classroom. You will find issue-oriented posts as well as practical applications of emerging tools and ideas. I've tried to give character to the blog links, and I hope you will explore these writers and engage in the conversations they stimulate (via comments on their blogs or writing on your own blog).

Note: One of the best ways to "read" on the web is to set up subscriptions to sites using a "reader." Two of the simplest tools to use are Google Reader and Bloglines. Make it a daily/weekly practice to log onto your reader and read! If you'd like to set up a reader, please let me know: ldeisley@lovett.org

Follow These Edubloggers

Lovett MS Resource Blog Source for ideas, conversation, engagement. Also links to classroom and individual faculty blogs, websites, and wikis.
Will Richardson 4500 people subscribe to Will's blog and countless others read and converse here regularly. He is thought-provoking and speaks around the world about the paradigm shift occurring and the opportunity for education.
Sheryl Nussbaum-Beach Sheryl is a former educator and PhD instructor at William and Mary where she trains pre-service teachers. Great thinker.
Alan November Alan's annual Building Learning Communities conference in July is something we should consider for our faculty.
David Warlick Based in Raleigh, NC David is sought-after by schools to present "what's changing" and why we must make the shift.
David Jakes Digital Storytelling. Presenter. Terrific resources.
Vicki Davis Award-winning GaTech grad who teaches computer science at Westwood School in Camilla. Great tools and idea-sharing.
Clarence Fisher Canadian teacher and blogger.
John Pederson
Barbara Ganley Instructor at Middlebury College who is blogging her experience using these new tools in higher ed.
Scott McLeod
Wesley Fryer
Willy Kjellstrom Former Lovett teacher who uses his blog to introduce tools and demonstrate applications.
Sam Morris and Joselyn Todd, Cary Academy