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Workshop Date: January 12-13, 2009 The Lovett School

LS: Donna Becker, Stephanie Bullock
MS: Ben Posten, LeeAnn Emerson, Joni Janis, John Enright, Maria Drinkard, Joel Williams, Margee Durand, Leslie Williams, Anna Sterne, Pat Costen
US: Debi O'Hayon, Mark May-Beaver, Dwan Simmons, Kim Morgan
Technology: Dana Graham, Lance Oubs
Laura Deisley


Capturing Stories, Capturing Lives-40 Page Handout
Storyboard Template
Sample Rubric from Dean Shareski (Dean's other resources can be found here.)

Online Resources

David Jakes' Website and Digital Storytelling Page
David Jakes' Wiki and Links to Sample Videos
Center for Digital Storytelling

Our Digital Stories

Created by Workshop Participants (View all stories at http://lovettdigitalstories.ning.com)

Other Resources and Examples
See Lovett Resource Network Digital Storytelling

O'Hayon's Classes March-April 2009